Four Films from
the Near East

In conjunction with the Department of Near Eastern Studies, we present these four recent films—from Israel, Iran, Palestine & Tunisia respectively—all of which will be introduced by a faculty member from the Department. A Tale of Love and Darkness, adapted from Israeli writer Amos Oz’s memoirs, was a passion project of Natalie Portman’s, which she directed in Hebrew. Asghar Farhadi’s mystery thriller, About Elly, from 2009, was only recently released in the U.S., after Farhadi won the Oscar for A Separation in 2012. The Idol, by two-time Academy Award nominee Hany Abu-Assad, about two aspiring musicians living in Gaza who dream of competing on the TV show Arab Idol, was Palestine’s submission for Best Foreign Language Film for the 2017 Oscars. As I Open My Eyes, from Tunisia, depicts a young woman’s life in Tunis months before the Arab Spring erupts.

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