LGBT Film Fest

Cornell Cinema presents a selection of five films exploring real and fictitious LGBT lives past and present. Our series includes two of 2016’s most lauded titles (Moonlight and The Handmaiden), two equally fascinating but lesser-known foreign films (Don’t Call Me Son and Being 17), and a new documentary (The Glamour & The Squalor). Brazil’s Don’t Call Me Son explores the turmoil of adolescence with both wit and compassion in its story of a cross-dressing teenage boy; and France’s Being 17, by acclaimed director André Téchiné, examines the awakening of gay adolescent desire between two boys living in the French Pyrenees. The series concludes April 21 with a screening of The Glamour & The Squalor, about Marco Collins, a gay DJ in ’90s Seattle. Director Marq Evans will present the film in person! The latter three films are all Ithaca premieres. Cosponsored with the LGBT Resource Center & FGSS.

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