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$10 / $8 students & seniors (advance)
$12/ $10 students & seniors (door)
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In 1925, German director Hanns Walter Kornblum set out to create a film unlike any that had come before. His aim was a film that would serve as both a summation of all the astronomical knowledge available at the time and a dreamy investigation of what wonders might await humanity at the advent of space travel. With the help of 15 special effects technicians and nine cameramen, Kornblum’s film—Wunder der Schöpfung (Our Heavenly Bodies)—is a technical marvel, one that revels in the beauty and mysteries of the universe, reminiscent of Carl Sagan’s COSMOS more than 50 years later. The film was reconstructed and digitally restored by Filmmuseum München. The film will be accompanied live by Coupler.

Nashville-based group Coupler is less a band than a creative organization. Founded in 2012 by Lambchop veteran Ryan Norris, its core is Norris, along with Rodrigo Avendaño and Rollum Haas, though its membership has at points swelled to as many as eight. At its root the project is an exercise in mutual cooperation of creative individuals and is an exploration of the intersections of man and machine, live and recorded, composed and improvised, stasis and flux. “Much like Lambchop, Norris is making music that mixes a number of styles without ever really sounding like any of them…full of intriguing arrangements and process-based developments that are impossible to ignore.” (Tiny Mix Tapes) “…waves of ambient drones that slowly morph into a plundering groove reminiscent of krautrock pioneers Kraftwerk and an electronic flower unfolding...” (The Nashville Scene)

Advance tickets are $10 general/$8 students & seniors. Ticket prices at the door are $12 general/$10 students. Cosponsored with the Cornell Council on the Arts, the Department of Astronomy and CCAPS.

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