Docs about Musicians, Filmmakers, Artists,
Actors & More

featuring ten Ithaca premieres!

Attention musicians, cinephiles, artists and art historians, Cornell Cinema has some films for you! Featuring archival footage, countless film clips, images of iconic works of art and more, these documentaries reveal the stories behind the music, the films, the art and the artists who enrich our lives. Creative endeavors in their own right, these films are perfect for both fans of and newcomers to the subjects at hand. Most are just 90 minutes or less, so patrons are encouraged to take a short break and celebrate this fabulous array of artists and their work!

The series begins with the beautifully crafted The Winding Stream, which tells the story of the Carters, the Cashes & the roots of country music and its influence. Four of the films explore the work of distinctive filmmakers: Senegalese director Ousmane Sembene; stop-motion animators the Quay Brothers; master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock; and the late Belgian filmmaker Chantal Akerman. Another celebrates the work of Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman and includes never-before-seen footage shot by her. (As an extra treat, Cornell Cinema has added a screening of one of her many films, Stromboli, made by her husband, Roberto Rossellini.) The remaining four films delve into the lives and work of several art world luminaries: art collector Peggy Guggenheim; contemporary installation artist Tom Sachs; pioneering land artists Robert Smithson, Walter De Maria and Michael Heizer; and an eclectic group of iconic designers and artists, including Russel Wright, Paolo Soleri and Frederic Edwin Church, who crafted their own homes.

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