Contemporary World Cinema

featuring three Ithaca premieres!

Excellent films are being made around the world every year, but only a portion of them are picked up for American distribution. Of those titles, many are not considered commercial enough to warrant a run at Cinemapolis, so many films would not be shown in Ithaca if not for Cornell Cinema’s contemporary world cinema screenings.

This spring Cornell Cinema offers a second chance to see one of the most-acclaimed (and gorgeous) foreign language films of the past year on the big screen, Taiwanese master Hou Hsiao-hsien’s The Assassin, a martial arts film like none made before it, as well as three Ithaca premieres from three unusual places: Jordan, Iceland and Romania. Jordan’s Theeb, one of nine films shortlisted for Best Foreign Language Film Oscar at the upcoming Academy Awards (81 countries submitted a film for consideration), is set in the Ottoman province of Hijaz during World War I and tells the story of a young Bedouin boy who experiences a greatly hastened coming of age as he and his older brother embark on a perilous desert journey to guide a British officer to a secret destination. Iceland’s Rams depicts two estranged brothers who reunite in the face of losing their ancestral herd of sheep. Romania’s Aferim! is set in early 19th century Wallachia and tells the tale of a Gypsy slave who runs away from a noble’s estate and the local constable who is hired to find him. Adventures ensue in this “exceptional, deeply intelligent gaze into a key historical period, done with wit as well as anger” (Variety), not to mention ravishing visuals. Theeb is cosponsored wit the Dept. of Near Eastern Studies; Aferim! is cosponsored with the Cornell Institute for European Studies.

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