Cinema in Sage Chapel

featuring a screening of ‘The Yellow Ticket’ with an original score performed live by Alicia Svigals & Marilyn Lerner Thursday, April 7th at 7:30pm – FREE!

Cornell Cinema is thrilled to host this multimedia event featuring a rare 1918 silent film and an original score by renowned klezmer violinist/vocalist/composer Alicia Svigals, performed live along with virtuoso pianist Marilyn Lerner on Sage Chapel’s grand piano. The Yellow Ticket, directed by Eugen Illes, was made at the end of World War I and on the eve of the Russian revolution. It stars an adolescent Pola Negri, who would later become the legendary femme fatale of the silent era, and tells the story of an innocent young Jewish woman from a Polish shtetl who is constrained by anti-Semitic restrictions to lead a double life in a brothel while attempting to study medicine in Tsarist Russia. The film includes precious footage of the former Jewish quarter of Warsaw and the people who once lived there. Alicia Svigals is the world's foremost klezmer fiddler and a founder of the Grammy-winning Klezmatics. She and Ms. Lerner have performed with the film at venues across the country, including the National Gallery of Art, Mass MoCA and Lincoln Center. Pre-eminent film scholar Tom Gunning said about the score:  “I believe this accompaniment to The Yellow Ticket is one of the most powerful I have heard. It evokes not only a sense of the contemporary context of the culture in which the film took place, but our awareness of what was done to it afterwards. The sound of piano, violin and the human voice evoke passion, energy and a profound sense of mourning, bridging the historical distance between us and this film as eloquently as does Pola Negri’s extraordinary face.”

Cosponsored with the Cornell Council for the Arts, the Jewish Studies Program, the CU Klezmer Ensemble, the Dept of Music, the Wharton Studio Museum, the Cornell Institute for European Studies, the Arts Committee of Temple Beth El, and Tikkun v’Or.

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