Cornell Alums Make Movies

In honor of Cornell’s Sesquicentennial as well as Cornell Cinema’s own 45th anniversary, they present another installment of their popular series, Cornell Alums Make Movies. Actors, animators, directors, distributors, editors, producers, screenwriters, and writers whose novels are adapted to the screen, the creative work of Cornell alums can be found throughout the history of film and the industry surrounding it. This spring’s schedule features Casablanca, based on alum Murray Burnett’s ’31 play, Everybody Comes to Rick’s; the original Superman, starring Christopher Reeve ’74, and The Way We Were, with a screenplay by Arthur Laurents’ ’37, based on his time at Cornell. Cornell Cinema will also welcome back alum and veteran documentarian Doug Block ’75 to present his most recent film, 112 Weddings. This semester’s Cinema in Sage program, with live music by Annie Lewandowski (Dept of Music), aka Powerdove solo, features Departures, a trilogy of films by Gunvor Nelson, which is distributed by Gartenberg Media, founded by Cornell alum Jon Gartenberg ’73, who has dedicated his career to programming, preserving and distributing experimental film. Episode of the Sea, screening as part of another series, Artful Non-Fiction, will be preceded by an animated short, The Ballad of Holland Island House, by Lynn Tomlinson ’88, who also penned the lyrics to the clay animated paintings that tell the true story of the last house on a sinking island in the Chesapeake Bay. Finally, the latest from Paul Thomas Anderson, Inherent Vice, is an adaptation of Thomas Pynchon’s ’59 novel of the same name.

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