Contemporary World Cinema

Six critically acclaimed films from around the world – Sweden, the Philippines, Turkey, Taiwan, Russia and Argentina respectively – made by six master directors. All award-winners on the film festival circuit, four of the titles are their country’s submission for consideration in the Best Foreign Language Film category for the 87th Academy Awards®, and two are frontrunners for the five coveted nominations. The last film in the line-up, Two Shots Fired, will be presented by Argentine director Martín Rejtman, who will be en route to the San Francisco International Film Festival to show the film. Born in Buenos Aires, Rejtman studied film at NYU before returning to Argentina and becoming an award-winning producer, director and screenwriter. Norte, The End of History is cosponsored with the Southeast Asia Program; Winter Sleep by the Dept. of Near Eastern Studies; Stray Dogs by the East Asia Program; and Two Shots Fired by the Dept. of Romance Studies.

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