Amie Siegel Selects

In conjunction with the series, The Films of Amie Siegel, presented by the Atkinson Forum in American Studies & Cornell Cinema, and in advance of Ms. Siegel’s campus visit, we present a related series, Amie Siegel Selects, which was curated by the artist and includes classic films by European and North American auteurs and artists with whom her body of work shares connections, including work by Chantal Akerman, Robert Bresson, Valie Export, Harun Farocki, Jean-Luc Godard, Alexander Kluge and Jean Rouch. Each program includes a feature that will be preceded by one or two shorts. Siegel wrote about the series:  “Each program is a ‘pairing’, or forced montage, between two or more works, often a feature and medium length film (a temporal zone of which I am fond), that proposes latent concerns in each that get aroused in the presence of the other—financial transaction and the circulation of images, the performative remaking of rock music and colonialism, melodrama and monodrama, images of women working with images, the visual construction of gender in a continually erasing world of state and corporate authority… Matters and forms close to my heart, and work.” Cosponsored with the Atkinson Forum in American Studies.

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