Aleksandr Sokurov

Cornell Cinema is thrilled to present the Ithaca Premiere of the latest by Russian master Aleksandr Sokurov, who with his operatic Faust, completes his series about men corrupted by power (the other films dealt with Hitler, Lenin, and Hirohito). The series was conceived as a tetralogy per the classical Greek prescription—a group of four dramas, the first three tragic and the last satiric. And Faust is certainly satiric! A breathtaking Bruegel landscape that is “a lurching crawl through the moldering, candlelit passages of a pre-hygiene medieval meta-Europe, this new version of the Germanic legend from Russian cine-volcano Aleksandr Sokurov may be the freakiest gloss this deal-with-the-devil story’s ever gotten, down to the ghost-zombies and Icelandic geysers.” (Village Voice) The following week brings a new digital restoration of Sokurov’s single take wonder and wander through the Hermitage Museum, Russian Ark.

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