Spring 2013 series

January typically brings cold weather and the struggle of sticking to one's New Year's resolutions. Luckily, it also brings the excitement of the Academy Award nominations followed by the February ceremony, both of which help ease the winter doldrums! Cornell Cinema makes it that much better by offering screenings of the Oscar Nominated Shorts (this year with the addition of the documentary category to the always-popular animation and live action shows), to give viewers a real leg-up in the Oscar pool. In addition to the shorts programs, there will be screenings of the Best Foreign Language Film submissions from Germany (Barbara) and Switzerland (Sister). And of the many excellent feature-length documentaries that came out last year, five of the fifteen films that were shortlisted for the five nominee slots will be shown (Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry, The Waiting Room, Searching for Sugar Man, Chasing Ice and How to Survive a Plague). The nominations will be announced on January 10, and winners declared at the ceremony on February 24.

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