Spring 2013 series

films in series

Cornell alums are out there working in every conceivable area of feature film production—as directors, producers, editors, screenwriters and special effects coordinators—as well as independently as animators, experimental makers, documentarians and more. Cornell Cinema regularly showcases their work, often times bringing the alum back to campus for an in-person presentation. This spring patrons can engage with the writer/producer of The Highest Pass, a spiritual travelogue set in the Himalayas, or the maker of Still Moving: Pilobolus at Forty, a documentary about the famous dance collective. Writer/producer Adam Schomer '97 is now developing a sequel to The Highest Pass called The Four Peaks of Freedom, about a motorcycle journey into the Himalayas over the four sacred peaks. Jeffrey Ruoff '85 is a film historian and documentary filmmaker in the Department of Film and Media Studies at Dartmouth College, where the Pilobolus dance collective was founded. Finally, Academy Award-nominated film editor Tim Squyres '81 will visit us on March 10 present a screening of his latest collaboration with director Ang Lee, Life of Pi.

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