A 3D Movie Extravaganza!

experience our new 3D capabilities at 2D ticket prices

Get ready to experience the third dimension! That’s right, Cornell Cinema now has digital 3D projection facilities thanks to a capital equipment grant from the New York State Council on the Arts and a successful crowdfunding campaign that produced the necessary matching funds. Patrons will be wowed with a high-quality 3D presentation (that far surpasses what one finds at the multiplex), and it won’t cost patrons one extra dime for the thrill; regular ticket prices will apply! Cornell Cinema is screening a pair of films from the first era of 3D and some of the finest examples of modern stereoscopic techniques in its inaugural 3D film series. Jean-Luc Godard, always at cinema’s vanguard, made his own 3D feature, included here, and it is every bit as mind-boggling as you’d hope from the French master. Also included is the unjustly overlooked Office, a 3D musical about the 2008 financial crisis, by Hong Kong auteur Johnnie To.