The Vietnam War
& Cornell SDS

In advance of a reunion of the Cornell Chapter of SDS (Students for a Democratic Society), anti-war activists from the 60s and 70s, who will be returning to campus for the first time to talk with students about that time and their lives after, we present two classic anti-war films. The reunion is one of Cornell’s Sesquicentennial events and is being organized by Prof. Isaac Kramnick (Government).  Bruce Dancis ’69 is one of several SDS members slated to return for the reunion. In late 1966 he tore up his draft card in front of Olin Hall in front of hundreds of onlookers, including FBI informants. He was subsequently convicted of draft card mutilation and served nineteen months in a federal prison. The Cornell University Press recently published his memoir, Resister, which recounts his draft protests and imprisonment. The reunion and related events will take place on Nov 10 & 11.

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