Andrea Berloff ’95 debuts new movie ‘The Kitchen’

By: Daniel Moran,  Cornell Daily Sun
Thu, 11/21/2019

Andrea Berloff ’95 made her directorial debut in "The Kitchen" with a showing at Cornell Cinema on Nov. 15 that was covered by the Cornell Daily Sun. The film depicts how three women take over a Hell’s Kitchen mafia after their husbands are arrested in an FBI sting. 

In a post-screening question and answer section, Berloff addressed criticisms of the film's use of violence. “If I was going to make a mob movie and not portray them violently, what would the criticism have been then? That it was a puff piece … or that I wasn’t making an authentic movie?”

Berloff also spoke on the state of the film industry: “One thing that’s really bugging me in filmmaking right now is that there’s this rash of female driven movies that are all about girl power. Yes, women collaborate and work together, of course, but I’m trying to get us to the next phase of what we have to say about women’s relationships, which is they can be very complicated. You don’t have to be each other’s best friends to realize that there’s strength in numbers and you can still work together even if you’re not necessarily besties.”

Read the full review of the screening on the Cornell Daily Sun website.