Willard Straight Theatre

Cornell Cinema Swag

We have swag!

Cornell Cinema and Movie Merchandise available for gifting (to others or yourself!)

T-Shirts and Movie Posters can be purchased in person at the Cornell Cinema office in 104 Willard Straight Hall from 2 to 4 pm, cash preferred

Cornell Cinema t-shirt (Logo + text "reel culture 24 fps"

Cornell Cinema "Reel Cinema" T-shirt


Sizes: S, M, L, XL


Child wearing the Cornell Cinema Staff T-shirt

Cornell Cinema "Staff" T-Shirt: Kid Sized


Sizes: 3T, 6T

portions of Cinema All-Access Pass and Single Film Pass

Gift Passes

All-Access Pass (Digital) for Spring 2022

($10–30) Purchase online

Gift Pass for One Film

$9.50 (purchase in office)

image of Cornell Cinema Sticker and Cornell Cinema Temporary Tattoo (2 film reels)

Free Swag

Cinema Stickers (2 inches x 2 inches)

Cinema Tattoos (Temporary)