film series: spring 2019

3D Showcase

3D Showcase a selection of films shown in digital 3D for 2D prices!


Anime featuring a new digital restoration of Perfect Blue

Art Docs

Art Docs featuring 2 Ithaca premieres

Cine City Walks

Cine City Walksfeaturing 4 Ithaca premieres

Doc Spots

Doc Spots featuring 5 Ithaca premieres

Experimental Lens

Experimental Lens featuring the Ithaca premiere of Jean-Luc Godard’s latest film, The Image Book


Filmmakers featuring 8 in-person presentations

ISU’s Foreign Favorites Fest

ISU’s Foreign Favorite’s Fest a smorgasbord of great international cinema

Ithaca College Filmmakers

Ithaca College Filmmakers with in-person presentations by media artists

IthaKid Film Fest

IthaKid Film Fest featuring a digital restoration of Buster Keaton’s Seven Chances with live accompaniment by Philip Carli

The Complete Jean Vigo

The Complete Jean Vigo featuring the definitive restoration of L’Atalante

Live Music & Film

Live Music & Filmfeaturing Buster Keaton’s Seven Chances & Yasujiro Ozu’s Dragnet Girl

Middle Eastern Cinema

Middle Eastern Cinema featuring two Ithaca premieres & faculty introductions

Painters’ Lives Through Time

Painter’s Lives Through Time Featuring Two Classic Film Restorations

Women/Film: Past/Present

Women/Film: Past/Present featuring an in-person presentation by indie producer Christine Vachon

World Cinema

World Cinema featuring 5 Ithaca premieres & 5 films shortlisted for Best Foreign Language Film Oscar