Spring 2019 films

Series: 3D Showcase Experimental Lens


shown in 3D

Blake Wiliams

As the deadliest natural disaster in US history strikes Galveston, Texas, taking between 6,000 and 12,000 lives, a mysterious televisual device projects images of unknown origin. Blake Williams’ experimental 3D film immerses us in the storm’s aftermath, at every minute represented by remarkable and mysterious sights of one world nearing destruction as another emerges. A consideration of technology, cinema, and the medium’s future, Prototype is equal parts dense and fleet—an unprecedented experience with no clear ancestor or likely successor. “With its fluid approach to time and memory, the film as both an object and an idea is in a constant state of reorientation, and Williams, by locating an apt aesthetic corollary, is able to fully explore the material and metaphorical capacity of three-dimensional screen space.” (Reverse Shot)

website: grasshopperfilm.com/film/prototype