Spring 2019 films

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Elephant Path/Njaia Njoku


with filmmaker Todd McGrain in person

Todd McGrain
Andrea Turkalo, Sessely Bernard

An indelible tale of friendship and commitment set against the luminous beauty of the Central African Rainforest. Together, elephant behavioral biologist, Andrea Turkalo, and indigenous tracker, Sessely Bernard, will be tested by the realities of war and the limits of hope for the majestic animals they have committed their lives to study and protect. Producer/Director/Editor Todd McGrain used to teach sculpture in Cornell’s Dept of Art, but became interested in filmmaking following his involvement with the documentary, The Lost Bird Project, about bird extinctions in modern times. In his first feature length documentary, he focuses on the plight of the Forest Elephants of Central Africa by following the work of Andrea Turkalo (co-founder of the Elephant Listening Project) and her Bayaka pygmy team, led by Sessely Bernard, who study forest elephants at Dzanga Bai, in the Central African Republic, during a period of political unrest in that country.

website: elephantpathfilm.org

Elephant Path / Njaia Njoku - Official Trailer from Todd McGrain on Vimeo.