So This is Paris

  • Sat Feb 25
    *special prices
So This is Paris

w/live piano accompaniment by Dr. Philip Carli
Advance tickets are $50 general ($65 at the door); $30 students ($40 at the door) available now at and starting Mon Feb 20 from 104 Willard Straight Hall (9am–5pm)

Ernst Lubitsch
Lilyan Tashman, Patsy Ruth Miller, Monte Blue

“Ernst Lubitsch’s silent comedy from 1926 showed what a German émigré could teach Hollywood about sex! It stars the vivacious actresses Lilyan Tashman and Patsy Ruth Miller as pleasure-seekers whose attentions stray to each other’s husband. Suzanne Giraud (Miller), the wife of a prominent doctor and a fan of Orientalized romances, is aroused by the sight of a neighbor, Maurice Lalle (George Beranger), a shirtless actor in sheikh’s garb, sitting at his window. Her husband, Dr. Paul Giraud (Monte Blue), pays Maurice a visit—to pummel him with a walking stick—and falls for the actor’s coquettish wife, Georgette (Tashman).” (Film Forum) The film features a wild party that includes the first ever choreographed dance scene to appear in a film with partygoers doing, what else, the Charleston! One of best silent film accompanists in the world, Dr. Philip Carli, will provide piano accompaniment for a 35 millimeter print preserved by the Library of Congress.

The screening is the featured event of Cornell Cinema’s Elegant Winter Party and Benefit.

35mm bw
1 hour 20 minutes
release year/country
1926 USA