The Skin I Live In

  • Wed Mar 1
The Skin I Live In

introduced by Society for Humanities Fellow Gemma Angel (Institute of Advanced Studies, University College London)

Pedro Almodóvar
Antonio Banderas, Elena Anaya, Marisa Paredes

Spanish master Pedro Almodóvar brings his signature blend of erotic wit, seductive style and perverse cinephilia to yet another classic movie genre: the horror film. In place of the mad scientist and monstrous creature, Skin features a cool, dangerous Antonio Banderas developing an experimental synthetic skin with the help of a beautiful, mysterious captive played by Elena Anaya. Following both Frankenstein and the Pygmalion myth, Almodóvar constructs his complexly layered film with plenty of unexpected twists and turns, playing off the suspense and suggested violence of Alfred Hitchcock in his own inimitably transgressive way. Working with the Academy Award winning director for the first time in two decades, Banderas gives one of his best performances in a “gutsy turn...that peels away his persona and burrows under the skin.” (NY Times)


DCP color
1 hour 57 minutes
release year/country
2011 Spain