The Pillow Book

  • Wed Apr 12
The Pillow Book

introduced by CU professor Timothy Murray (Director, Society for the Humanities)

Peter Greenaway
Vivian Wu, Ewan McGregor

Director Greenaway “create[s] a spellbinding web of cruel elegance and intricate gamesmanship” in this perverse film which “explores the exotic, haunting beauty of the bizarre.” (NY Times) Inspired by a 10th-century Japanese text, The Pillow Book revolves around the sensual eroticism of Nagiko, a calligrapher’s daughter whose childhood was beautified by her father painting words and characters on her skin. Adulthood sees her nursing a nostalgic obsession for the same artistic experience as she tries to find a calligraphic lover to satisfy her desires. In English, Cantonese, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin & French.

BluRay color
2 hours 6 minutes
release year/country
1997 UK