I Am Not Madame Bovary

  • Thur Feb 16
  • Sat Feb 18
I Am Not Madame Bovary
Xiaogang Feng
Bingbing Fan, Wei Fan, Chengpeng Dong

A lone woman, Li Xuelian (Bingbing Fan) pitches herself against the ranks of Chinese bureaucracy in a ten- year campaign to restore her honor after a fake divorce and accusations of promiscuity. Veteran director Xiaogang combines his trademark social satire with an elegant mise-en-scene involving painterly scenes (frequently in a circular frame) and “delivers a genuinely funny, slyly observant diagnosis of contemporary China complete with lush, absurdist flair.… Like his compatriots Yimou Zhang, Kaige Chen and Wen Jiang among others, Feng belongs to the first wave of post-Cultural Revolution filmmakers commonly labelled China’s ‘fifth generation’ of directors. Having lived through the cataclysmic event helps ground their work in utter authenticity and sharpen their sensitivity towards the plights and joys of the little people.” (TheFilmStage.com) “Fan Bingbing is a tempest on a mission…The film is part Scarlet Letter, part Keystone Cops, part miniature landscape painting—all with plot twists worthy of Thomas Hardy.… [Its] look is as striking as Fan’s performance. The circular frame puts action and its setting in sharp focus, like a miniature Chinese painting…” (Screen Daily) In Mandarin.

website: wellgousa.com/theatrical/i-am-not-madame-bovary

Ithaca premiere
DCP color
2 hours 8 minutes
release year/country
2016 China