Gabriel Over the White House

  • Wed Mar 8
Gabriel Over the White House

introduced by CU professor Alexander Livingston (Government)

Gregory La Cava
Walter Huston, Karen Morley, Franchot Tone

“Possessed by a heavenly spirit, party hack Walter Huston is suddenly transformed into a ‘Super-President,’ single-handedly wiping out crime, unemployment — and Congress.” (Film Forum) A political fantasy that “casually glorifies Presidential death squads, the dismissal of Congress and the suspension of civil liberties.” (Vincent Canby, NY Times) Cornell alum Franchot Tone ’27 plays Huston’s right-hand man in this Depression-era tale of corruption and supposed redemption. “Bizarre, fascinating.” (Leonard Maltin)

35mm bw
1 hour 27 minutes
release year/country
1933 USA