• Thur Mar 16
Kirsten Johnson

"These are the images that have marked me and leave me wondering still”: cinematographer Kirsten Johnson (Citizenfour, The Invisible War, Darfur Now) dives into a quarter century of footage to construct a memoir of her work. “A boxing match in Brooklyn; life in postwar Bosnia and Herzegovina; the daily routine of a Nigerian midwife; an intimate family moment at home… Through a series of episodic juxtapositions, Johnson explores the relationships between image makers and their subjects… (Janus Films) Winner of multiple awards, including Best Documentary at the San Francisco International Film Festival where the jury stated: “We honor Cameraperson for its compassion and curiosity; for its almost tangible connection to subjects and humble acknowledgment of its own subjectivity; for its singular enfolding of memoir, essay and collage; for its perfect expression of the vital collaboration between director and editor; and for its disarming invitation for us to participate in the meaning and construction of the work, and by extension the meaning and construction of documentary cinema itself.”

Cameraperson draws our attention not just to what we’re seeing, but to how we’re seeing it. It encourages us to wonder how a camera operator negotiates personal space in tense, intimate, emotionally fraught situations.… We are constantly reminded of the importance of bearing visual witness and of the limitations of doing so.…This is the real magic of Johnson’s film: She draws our attention to the dynamics of the image without ever losing sight of these people and their stories.” (Village Voice) One of the most acclaimed documentaries of the year, it is one of fifteen films shortlisted for Best Documentary Feature Oscar.


DCP color
1 hour 42 minutes
release year/country
2016 USA