An Art That Nature Makes: The Work of Rosamond Purcell

  • Thur Mar 30
An Art That Nature Makes

note: artist Rosamond Purcell is unable to join us for the screening

Molly Bernstein
Errol Morris

The film details acclaimed photographer Rosamond Purcell’s fascination with the natural world and offers insight into her unique way of recontextualizing objects both ordinary and strange into sometimes disturbing but always breathtaking imagery. “[Director] Bernstein invites us to see the world through the lens of her subject, to explore the sources and methods that yield such striking and marvelous photographs....There are creatures fished out of formaldehyde, volumes flecked with rot, birds that have been hollowed out and stuffed, household tools battered beyond recognition. The effect of seeing all this is certainly haunting, but too beautiful to be morbid.” (A.O. Scott, NY Times)


Ithaca premiere
DCP color
1 hour 15 minutes
release year/country
2016 USA