Two Shots Fired

  • Thur Apr 23
Two Shots Fired

with filmmaker Martín Rejtman in person!

Martín Rejtman
Susana Pampín, Rafael Federman, Benjamín Coelho

Born in Buenos Aires, Rejtman studied film at NYU before returning to Argentina and becoming an award-winning producer, director and screenwriter. He is known as the “godfather” of the New Argentine Cinema and works in a minimalist style, with a deadpan, near adsurdist, sensibility. His latest centers on Mariano, a teenager who finds himself at home one afternoon, discovers a gun, and impulsively shoots himself, twice. Miraculously, he survives, but is unable to offer any explanation for his act. The film then follows the random, and at times hilarious, aftermath of the event. “Constantly playing with our notions of drama and comedy, Two Shots Fired demonstrates how either can emerge from the same dead-serious seed.” (Diana Sanchez, Toronto International Film Festival)

Cosponsored with the Dept of Romance Studies.

DCP color
1 hour 44 minutes
release year/country
2014 Argentina/Chile/Germany/Netherlands