• Wed Mar 11

with filmmaker Wang Wo in person!

Wang Wo

Wang Wo’s experimental documentaries take the direct cinema approach to the realm of avant-gardism, immersing the viewer in a non-narrative, highly sensory experience of urban China in its visual and aural splendor. Wang shoots moments of daily life and astutely organizes the footage in surprising ways to create his deep, thought provoking work. He turns his camera on the rush and transience of daily life, letting the sounds, images, and stories of his urban environment emerge. There’s no preconceived narrative. Instead it’s a highly personal, realistic 2005 vision of places and crowds captured by a silent observer. In Mandarin.

Shown with Rebecca Meyers’s ’97 short experimental film, lions and tigers and bears (12 mins, 2006), which seeks out urban wildlife–from spiders and pigeons to bronze lions and chrome-plated jaguars.

Digital Projection color /16mm
1 hour 26 minutes / 12 minutes
release year/country
2014 China / 2006 USA