Our Daily Bread

  • Tues Mar 10
Our Daily Bread
Nikolaus Geyrhalter

A massive crop-duster unfolds over a field and hovers like a prehistoric bird. Newborn chicks shoot from a metal tube onto a conveyor belt. A man in a white jumpsuit sprays endless aisles of hot house tomatoes. Images like these converge to create a world defined by machinery, in which the living elements of plant, animal, and human are incidental to the larger, industrial picture. This is the world of mass-produced food. The images speak for themselves in this refreshing departure from tongue-in-cheek food industry film predecessors, leading the viewer to ponder the process that enables the first-world standard of living. “Nikolaus Geyrhalter’s superb documentary is an unblinking, often disturbing look at industrial food production from field to factory.” (NY Times)

website: ourdailybread.at

35mm color
1 hour 32 minutes
release year/country
2005 Germany/Austria