The King and the Mockingbird

  • Sat Jan 31
  • Sun Feb 1
The King and the Mockingbird
Paul Grimault

This animated adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep” ... is “at once a delightful adventure story for children, a devilish political satire for adults, and a handcrafted work of tremendous beauty for all.” (New York Film Festival, 2014) Legendary animator Paul Grimault had a profound and lasting influence on Hayao Miyazaki who will be receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s Oscar ceremony. "Here is an animated gem from 1980, which draws on classic modes that came before it and anticipates the Japanese animation that followed... It's a richly conceived treat." (Peter Bradshaw, Guardian) The dubbed in English version will be shown on Saturday; the subtitled, original French language version, on Sunday. Recommended for ages 7+


DCP color
1 hour 23 minutes
release year/country
1980 France