The Iron Ministry

  • Wed Apr 8
The Iron Ministry

with filmmaker J.P. Sniadecki in person!*

J.P. Sniadecki

Filmed over three years on what will soon be the world’s largest railroad system, Cornell professor J.P. Sniadecki’s experimental documentary condenses scores of journeys into one, capturing the thrills and anxieties of social and technological transformation in 21st-century China. “Sniadecki offers a formally controlled look at the range of classes, the implied changes wrought by China’s economic boom, and the interactions particular to train travel. Refreshingly, Sniadecki allows the film — or rather, some passengers — to engage in politics, from the rights of minorities to economic pressures. While cerebral in intent and planning, the pic doesn’t feel overly straitjacketed by theory and offers unexpected moments of amusement.” (Jay Weissberg, Variety) In Mandarin.

*The post-screening discussion with J.P. Sniadecki will be facilitated by Dr. Andrew Utterson, Assistant Professor of Screen Studies in the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College and a Regional Visiting Fellow in the Cornell Institute for European Studies (CIES).


DCP color
1 hour 23 minutes
release year/country
2014 China/USA