Invisible Adversaries

  • Tues Mar 3
Invisible Adversaries
Valie Export
Susanne Widl, Peter Weibel

Anna, a photographer living in Vienna, is losing her grip on her sanity just as her lover loses interest in her-or perhaps because of this. Her profound sense of loss and alienation manifests itself in her belief that space aliens are colonizing the minds of her fellow citizens, especially men, which raises the aggression level. The outside world seems and looks disjointed as her inner world falls apart in this experimental narrative in which the lines between outward reality and inner fantasy are blurred. Original and provocative, Invisible Adversaries is a psychologically revealing and sexually frank take on gender and culture from an almost-forgotten era when women filmmakers like Valie Export readily expressed themselves in avant-garde film. Preceded by Naomi Uman’s Removed (1999, 6 mins), in which Uman takes a piece of vintage porn and painstakingly removes each female figure from the footage using nail polish remover; and Martha Rosler Reads Vogue (1982, 25 mins). In this live performance for Paper Tiger Television's public-access cable program in New York, Rosler deconstructs the messages in Vogue and its advertising.


DVD color
1 hour 52 minutes
release year/country
1977 Austria