Internet Cat Video Festival

  • Fri Mar 13
    $5 all
Internet Cat Video Film Festival

intro by Cornell alum Leah Shafer ’94/’99/’08 (Media and Society, Hobart and William Smith Colleges)

Maru. L’il Bub. Grumpy Cat. All your favorite felines from the web come to the big screen for a night of curated kitty cats. Additionally, our Mistress of Purremonies will solicit crowd favorites before the big night, so put on your thinking caps because you, too, CAN HAZ FILM FESTIVAL. Then prep yourselves for a night of kitty cat candy, famous kitty cutouts, kitty ears, and all the LOLcats you could possibly want. Shafer has written about the popularity of cat videos on the Internet, and her “Cat Videos and the Aesthetics of the Superfurry” is forthcoming in Film Criticism.

The Internet Cat Video Festival is produced and curated by the Walker Art Center and cosponsored at Cornell Cinema by the Cornell Feline Health Center.

1 hour 20 minutes
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