The Edge of Heaven

  • Mon Mar 23
The Edge of Heaven

introduced by Sabine Haenni (PMA, American Studies)

Fatih Akin
Nurgul Yesilcay, Baki Davrak, Hanna Schygulla

“Fatih Akin’s superb film about the eternal pull of family…sets a tale of mothers and daughters, a father and a son against contemporary turmoil in Turkey and Germany,” navigating the same cultural divide seen in other films by this German-born Turkish director. “The catalytic characters are a retired widower and a hooker, both natives of Turkey living in Germany; the widower's son, a professor of German literature; and the hooker’s daughter, a political activist. All are unique, vibrant and splendid…Like Tom McCarthy's The Visitor, Akin’s movie is about the spaces people need to travel, and to live in, to find out what they want and who they are. Though I love McCarthy’s movie, The Edge of Heaven — with its virtuoso narrative and frames packed to bursting with unruly life — has the potency of The Visitor squared.” (Baltimore Sun) In German, Turkish & English with English subtitles.


DVD color
2 hours 2 minutes
release year/country
2008 Germany/Turkey/Italy