Departures: 2 Films by Gunvor Nelson

  • Tues Apr 21

with live music by Powerdove (FREE)

Gunvor Nelson

This evening of live music and film will feature Cornell’s own Annie Lewandowski (Dept of Music), otherwise known as Powerdove, in one of the most stunning settings in the region. Lewandowski will perform songs from her recent release Powerdove Solo at Ranieri Chapel, in conjunction with two dreamlike, abstract films by Swedish film and video pioneer Gunvor Nelson. About Nelson’s work, Lewandowski writes, “These films are about memory, imagination, desire, and the unconscious—all things that I find resonate with my songs.” It will be an unforgettable evening: “Annie Lewandowski's voice is a thing of great beauty and great terror.” (Tome to the Weather Machine 2013). 

More about Gunvor Nelson’s films:

  • My Name is Oona (1969) 10 min.
    “But the revelation of the program is Gunvor Nelson, true poetess of the visual cinema. My Name is Oona captures in haunting, intensely lyrical images fragments of the coming to consciousness of a child girl. A series of extremely brief flashes of her moving through night-lit space or woods in sensuous negative, separated by rapid fades into blackness, burst upon us like a fairy-tale princess, with a late sun only partially outlining her and the animal in silvery filigree against the encroaching darkness; one of the most perfect recent examples of poetic cinema. Throughout the entire film, the girl, compulsively and as if in awe, repeats her name, until it becomes a magic incantation of self-realization.” (Amos Vogel, Village Voice)
    “It is one of the first filmic masterpieces of the new wave films.” (Larry Jordan)
  • Moons Pool (1973) 15 min.
    “A masterful and lyrical use of the film medium to portray the search for identity and resolution of self. Photographed under water, live bodies are intercut with natural landscapes creating powerful mood changes and images surfaced from the unconscious.” (Freude Bartlett)

Cosponsored with the Cornell Council for the Arts and the Department of Music.