Dear White People

  • Thur Mar 19*
  • Sun Mar 22
Dear White People

*Thur Mar 19 - panel cancelled - but at this point we believe there will be a faculty intro!

Justin Simien
Tyler James Williams, Tessa Thompson, Kyle Gallner

In supposedly post-racial-America, the black students at the fictitious Ivy League Winchester University navigate the social and political implications of what it means to be black at an overwhelmingly white university, particularly on the heels of an incendiary ‘blackface’ party thrown by a group of white students. Satiric and poignant, the film is as funny as it is incisive and shows the complexities inherent in being a young person — of any color — in contemporary America. “This is the best film about college life in a long time, satiric or straight, comedy or drama.” (Chicago Tribune)


DCP color
1 hour 48 minutes
release year/country
2014 USA