The Boxtrolls

  • Sat Feb 7
The Boxtrolls
Graham Annabele, Anthony Stacchi
the voices of Ben Kingsley, Elle Fanning

Based on the children’s book Here Be Monsters, The Boxtrolls tells the tale of orphaned boy Eggs, who has spent his life underground raised by quirky, trash-collecting creatures called Boxtrolls. While these garbage-loving cave-dwellers are really harmless critters, the people of the wealthy village Cheesebridge in the world above fear that the Boxtrolls will steal and eat their children. When Archibald Snatcher hatches a plan to exterminate this supposed subterranean threat, Eggs must venture above ground to save his family and their way of life. Mixing social satire with the whimsical stop-motion animation from the studio behind Coraline and ParaNorman, the film is ambitious in both its meaning and its presentation. “Every a marvel of creativity and craftsmanship, and the filmmakers stuff the margins of their plot with lots of offbeat humor.” (A.V. Club) Recommended for ages 9+


Bluray color
1 hour 36 minutes
release year/country
2014 USA