Black Moon / Winter

  • Thur Feb 26
Black Moon

with filmmaker Amie Siegel (free)

Amie Siegel

In the context of an artist’s talk, Siegel will present and discuss two works, each a large-scale, multi-element installation. A present-day science-fiction without dialogue set in the post-apocalyptic landscape of foreclosed housing developments in Florida and California, Siegel's Black Moon (20 mins) traverses multiple film tropes—action, guns, lonely campfires, the end of the world—and, like its band of armed female revolutionaries, resists taking up residence in a fixed genre or narrative. It will be shown with documentation of Black Moon/Mirrored Malle, a 2-channel video installation that places an original 1975 interview with Louis Malle about his film Black Moon against a shot-for-shot version in which the artist herself plays Malle. This shift of roles introduces a transposition of gender and language, enacting a battle of authorship and doubled future within the present. Winter (33 mins) was shot in the white-washed homes of New Zealand architect Ian Athfield, including his own communal compound high above Wellington harbor, and suggests various temporal and cultural conditions of instability, hinting at concerns of global warming and nuclear accidents, pushing at the boundaries of science fiction, stripped of narrative explication and causal explanation. Siegel will also show and discuss documentation of Winter as an installation and live performance.


Digital Projection color
20 minutes
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