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Robert Greene
Brandy Burre

Who is Brandy Burre? Why did she stop acting? She had a recurring role on HBO’s The Wire when she decided to move to Beacon, New York and start a family with her long-term boyfriend, Tim. They have two children and live a comfortable suburban life. But the audience learns fairly quickly that Burre isn’t totally satisfied in this role. “[Director] Greene slyly posits the idea that homemaking might be something of an act for our heroine from the film’s first, eerily stylized frame: introduced from behind, brittlely poised at her kitchen sink in an elegantly cinched scarlet house dress, Burre cuts a positively Sirkian figure of heightened femininity. Her arch, measured voiceover, meanwhile, hints at her edgy discomfort within this environment: ‘I tend to break things,’ she drawls, and one senses it’s not merely the crockery at risk.’ (Variety) Her boyfriend, Tim, is barely in the film, and there’s an obvious rift between them, raising questions that never fully get answered. For the most part, we see only Burre’s side of things, which is colored by her ambition and creativity. “Mr. Greene’s impressionistic style and rough, off-center compositions create an atmosphere of intimacy, as if the viewer were being invited to read Ms. Burre’s diary or her mind. After an hour and a half in her company, you might feel as if you know her very well, even as you have no idea who she really is. That might be the result of her existential condition, or it might just be her job.” (NY Times) One thing’s certain: if you didn’t know who Brandy Burre was before, you do now.


DCP color
1 hour 26 minutes
release year/country
2014 USA