The 52nd Ann Arbor Film Festival Tour

  • Tues Feb 3
The 52nd Ann Arbor Film Festival Tour

The Ann Arbor Film Festival is the longest-running independent and experimental film festival in North America, founded in 1963, and still going strong. This program features nine films including Mystery, the short narrative by Spanish filmmaker (and AAFF favorite) Chema García Ibarra; Cut, the most recent film by German artists Matthias Muller and Christoph Girardet; Michael Robinson’s The Dark, Krystle, which brilliantly repurposes the 80s television program Dynasty; Broken Tongue, Mónica Savirón’s animated collaboration with poet Tracie Morris; Kevin Jerome Everson’s Fe26, a portrait of two men scrapping copper in Cleveland (52 AAFF Jury Award); Gowanus Canal, Sarah Christman’s beautifully abstracted depiction of one of the most contaminated urban waterways in the United States (52 AAFF Gil Omenn Art & Science Award); Mountain in Shadow, Lois Patiño’s sublime film of skiers set in immense mountainous landscapes; the ecstatic, recursive animation Division by Dutch artist Johan Rijpma (52 AAFF Barbara Aronofsky Latham Award for Emerging Experimental Video Artist); and 52 AAFF audience favorite Suchy Pion (Dry Standpipe) by Polish artist Wojciech Bąkowski, a collage of home videos condensed into blocks of abstraction with a wry, melancholy confessional narration.


Digital Projection color
1 hour 21 minutes
release year/country
2014 various