Russian Ark

  • Thur Mar 13
  • Sat Mar 15
Russian Ark
Alexander Sokurov
Sergey Dreiden, Maria Kuznetsova

Although Russian Ark was shot in one take, in a nearly mile-long walk by the Steadicam operator, the film required four years of preparation. Knowing that he would have the Hermitage for only one day of filming, director Sokurov and his crew blocked every extra’s movement, choreographed every turn and dip of the camera, and even worked with the museum to restore several rooms to period authenticity. Thankfully, the film transcends its own method, and becomes a powerful consideration of Russian history. With figures both contemporary and historical, the Ark (camera and Book), moves gracefully through the rooms of the Hermitage and finally settles on the grand pageantry of Czar Nicholas’ royal ball in 1913. Witnessing the dancing soldiers and elites, as the film glides to its conclusion, feels like a “daydream made of centuries.” (Roger Ebert)


DCP color
1 hour 36 minutes
release year/country
2002 Russia