Funny Face

  • Sat Mar 1
  • Wed Mar 5*
Funny Face

Wed Mar 5:
Funny Face Fashion Show with Petrune
runway opens @ 7:20
film @ 8:00
$10 / $8 students
(regular price for film alone)

Stanley Donen
Audrey Hepburn, Fred Astaire

Only one of the greatest movie musicals could rhyme Sartre with Montmartre and keep your toes tapping all the time. Stanley Donen, winner of a lifetime Oscar, brings Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn together in this fairy tale about the 50s fashion world. Photographer Astaire snatches bookworm Hepburn out of the East Village and takes her to the Left Bank, transforming her into a vision of perfection in Givenchy gowns. Edith Head dressed the fashionistas and models who form the human background, and real-life photographer Richard Avedon (the inspiration for Astaire’s character) shot the stylish opening credits for one of this blurb writer’s favorite films.

DCP color
1 hour 43 minutes
release year/country
1967 USA