Sub Basement Cinema Presents…
Intro and Intermediate Film Projects

  • Sun May 12
Student Films

Join us for a night of films produced and directed by Cornell's Introductory and Intermediate Film Production students taught by Tara Nelson.

  • Big Red Circus
    Khamila Alebiosu‬
    In an individual, yet common journey on Cornell’s campus, this film illustrates a self-transformation from a circus “freak” to a FREEak woman who owns her uniqueness. As several Cornell students take on circus elements and characters, they represent the shared struggle for balance, community, and self-acceptance on campus. (HD Video, 4 minutes)
  • Illusions
    Shannon Lawrence
    Inspired by the concept of synesthesia and the forms of the natural world, Illusions explores the intersection of nature, beauty, and perception. Through the combined efforts of the production and editing processes, the film invites us to consider the combination of sensory elements which influence our reception to the surrounding world. (Digital Video, 4 minutes)
  • Autobiophobia
    Darah Barnes
    A music video confronting the fear of realizing your life is a failure, and the fear of having to accept your life as a failure. (HD Video, 4 minutes)
  • Directed by…
    Mark Sacks DiStefano
    A mash-up of five different directors’ styles, all layered over the same scene, that pays tribute to Terrence Malick, Quentin Tarantino, Woody Allen, Werner Herzog, and Michael Bay. (HD Video)
  • Masquerade
    Ryan Larkin
    A young man enters a mysterious underground poker game in the hope of saving his lover, but gradually forgets his purpose as the game brings out the ugliness within him. (16mm)
  • Cai Painting
    Miasarah Lai
    Cai has always fully embraced her minority status until she realizes her ethnicity is completely foreign to her. (HD Video)
  • Five AM
    Joyce Wu
    Five AM documents the early morning activities of Cornell community members who start their day when the rest of Ithaca is still asleep. (HD Video)
  • His Father’s Son
    Allison Hartel
    Though Paul Hebert, a withdrawn Catholic high school student, finds an opportunity to connect with his cognitively impaired and emotionally inaccessible father, Matthew, through his childhood diary, the thirty-year-old relic’s disturbing images and mysterious references to their priest, Father Simon Jarret, do more to strain their relationship than enhance it. (Digital Video)
  • Archive
    Luke Namer and Lizzie Brooks
    A librarian breaks out of the mundane. (Digital Video)

  • and films by…

    Ben Yi, Danica Gredona, Tiger Hudson, Lindsay Rothfeld, Sarah Forcier, Keima Udoka and George Moujaes