Searching for Sugar Man

  • Fri Apr 5
  • Wed Apr 10
  • Thur Apr 11
Searching for Sugar Man
Malik Bendjelloul
Sixto Rodriguez, Steve Segerman, Dennis Coffey

Rodriguez, an American folk singer, released two albums in the early 1970s that inexplicably flopped. Dropped from his label, he returned to his day job as a construction worker in Detroit, where he toiled for three decades before being rediscovered by ardent fans from South Africa, where his records had been a smashing success and he had become a pop icon, all unbeknownst to him. His music and lyrics had, in fact, inspired a generation fighting to end Apartheid and resonated for years afterwards. This moving documentary recounts the story of his rediscovery and rebirth, and features a soundtrack of his amazing songs. “One of the greatest and most moving documentaries ever made, Searching for Sugar Man is a must-see.” (Q) Winner of this year’s Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature!


35mm color
1 hour 26 minutes
release year/country
2012 Sweden/UK/USA