The Queen of Versailles

  • Wed Apr 17
The Queen of Versailles
Lauren Greenfield
Virginia Nebab, David Siegel, Jaqueline Siegel

When billionaire Timeshare Mogul David Siegel and his wife, Jaqueline, had more money than they knew what to do with, they began making plans to build a huge house. In fact, at 90,000 square feet, it was deemed the largest house in America, even larger than the White House, complete with thirty bathrooms, ten kitchens, a full-sized baseball field and two tennis courts. However, soon after building started, the stock market plummeted and the Siegels went from riches to rags overnight, the owners of the largest empty house in America. “Prepare to be shocked, disgusted, and compelled.” (Little White Lies)


Digital Projection color
1 hour 40 minutes
release year/country
2012 USA