Price Check

  • Thur Feb 14
Price Check
Michael Walker
Parker Posey, Eric Mabius, Annie Parisse

Party Girl Parker Posey is pitch perfect as a high-powered, fast-talking corporate exec brought in to whip a floundering supermarket chain into shape. Her first order of business is to promote Dartmouth grad and debt-ridden family man, Pete, who at first resists, but then begins to like his newly acquired power. His wife doesn’t mind the extra money either. Music by former indie band Luna figures prominently and headliners Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips even make an appearance in this corporate comedy. “Writer-director Michael Walker keeps a firm grip on his smart material, offering up big laughs, lots of recognizable behavior and, in the end, a wistful glimpse at life's inevitable priorities.” (LA Times)


Digital Projection color
1 hour 32 minutes
release year/country
2012 USA