Now, Forager

  • Fri Mar 29*
  • Sat Mar 30
  • Sun Mar 31
Now, Forager

*Fri Mar 29 show replaces announced screening of Strange Lines & Distances (postponed to Fall 2013)

Jason Cortlund
Jason Cortlund, Tiffany Esteb, Almex Lee

Regina and Lucien are a wife and husband team of mushroom foragers, earning their keep by selling their findings at the back doors of upscale restaurants in New York City. When Regina realizes their lifestyle is unsustainable, she wants to find a regular paying job where she can put her talents as a chef to good use. Lucien, also a chef, thinks that they can survive living as nomads, traveling from Oregon to Mexico, paying their way with their fungi finds. When they pursue their individual goals, things start to fall apart. In addition to quality drama, some outstanding shots of the natural landscapes highlight the film. “The images of wild mushrooms by Cortlund himself (editor of the newsletter of the New York Mycological Society), and the shots of food prep by cinematographer Jonathan Nastasi, approach art.” (Roger Ebert) Cosponsored with the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival.


Digital Projection color
1 hour 33 minutes
release year/country
2012 USA