The Mummy

  • Fri Feb 22
The Mummy

Karl Freund
Boris Karloff, Zita Johann, David Manners.

Universal followed the horror hits of Dracula and Frankenstein with this tale of an undead man’s undying love. During an expedition in Egypt, a team of British archaeologists, led by Sir Joseph Whemple, discovers the tomb of Imhotep. When an assistant reads from an ancient scroll, the mummified remains of Imhotep creep to life and disappear into the desert. Ten years later, the mysterious Ardath Bey—who is really Imhotep in disguise--summons Sir Joseph and his son Frank back to Egypt to find the tomb of his ancient lover. From there, Imhotep’s recipe for love includes murder, mummification, and mysticism. "Unnerves because instead of fast chills there are long, quiet, ominous scenes; the lighting is so masterly and the moods are so effectively sustained that the pictures give one prickly sensations... No other horror film has ever achieved so many emotional effects by lighting; this inexpensively made film has a languorous, poetic feeling, and the eroticism that lives on under Karloff’s wrinkled parchment skin is like a bad dream of undying love.” (Pauline Kael)


35mm color
1 hour 13 minutes
release year/country
1932 USA