The Highest Pass

  • Sat Mar 9
The Highest Pass

with writer/producer Adam Schomer ’97 in person

Jon Fitzgerald

Writer/producer Adam Schomer’s ‘97 award winning documentary about his motorcycle journey into the Himalayas with his guru, Anand Mehrotra and several other riders. They journey for 21 days to the highest motorable road on earth, which, at 18,000 ft., is on par with Everest’s base camp. The road leads to Little Tibet, a land of incredibly isolated mountain lakes and ancient monasteries. Schomer worked on the story of the journey as it was happening; focusing on the travelers’ conversations with Mehrotra and including a visit to an oracle channeling Tibetan spirits. “Part travelogue, part spiritual quest, The Highest Pass is a filmic fusion of the outer and inner journeys riders experience, taken to physical and mental extremes.” (LA Times)


Digital Projection color
1 hour 30 minutes
release year/country
2012 USA/India