Do the Right Thing

  • Thur Feb 28
  • Sun Mar 3
Do the Right Thing

Spike Lee
Spike Lee, Danny Aiello

Set in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood on the hottest day of the year, tensions rise when the self-styled local activist Buggin Out is upset by the absence of Black faces on the neighborhood pizzeria’s “Wall of Fame,” and attempts to organzie a boycott of the place. Spike Lee’s breakthrough film is no blunt work of propaganda; it is a subtle and humane entertainment with a refreshingly serious view of the world. There are no absolute heroes or villains. There are no easy answers. So many people are struggling to “do the right thing” but so few are sure of what that may be. This film poses its questions with rare artistry and grace.


35mm color
2 hours
release year/country
1989 USA